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Welcome to Netway

Netway has been established to provide a service specific to the digital transformation process that works in partnership with clients on their digital transformation journey. Technology trends have completely merged voice, video, data services, security and data networks into a consolidated service offering. Netway provides customised solutions to embrace the new technology trends within the ICT sector based on the customer’s specific needs and requirements.

Netway has recognized the need for consolidating digital services such as converged communications, supporting technology platforms, smart technology devices and value add services, while supporting our customers digital transformation journey.

In order to achieve this, Netway has partnered with their sister company, i-COM, who will provide technical services to Netway. As part of the digital transformation strategy, Netway has not limited their partnership to only i-COM and recognizes the need to partner with other stakeholders within the ICT space, as resellers, support and commercial partners.  

Netway will be focused on digital platforms delivering: voice and video, CRM, data services, information security, network solutions, Contact Centre services, IOT services, Data Analytics, ICT Eco-Systems and other requested value add services. Netway’s core function are digital and cloud solutions.

Netway’s Applications Support

Netway has partnered with i-Com as the marketing and solutions support for digital communication services by offering solutions in a staged approach:

Stage 1

Engage with customers and compile a needs analysis and propose solutions

Stage 2

Interpret needs received from i-Com’s Engineering Support to compile a comprehensive customer’s needs analysis.

Stage 3

Create and present a custom solution to our customers from i-Com and Netway

Stage 4

Implementation of custom solution through i-Com and Netway which includes Microsoft Office 365, CRM, Contact Centres, Analytics, Voice Recording, TMS, In House Solutions and more…

i-Com’s Engineering Support

We go beyond the technical level with the view of creating long lating solutions that provide the following:

Consultancy and Project Management Services that covers both internal and external services

Architects Solutions for Data Networks, Network Security, UC, IOT and more

Developing customised and
re-usable applications and solutions

Implementation of solutions in partnership with Netway

Netway connects all the communication elements needed to provide our clients with their ICT desires with the absolute best results. We provide our clients with start to end solutions, backed by customer relationship management and personalised service! Our team comprises of dedicated, passionate and knowledgeable telecommunications specialists.  Our NetWay team is able to offer a vast range of expert skills.

For more information on our products and/or services, contact us here!