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Welcome to Netway

As the global digital landscape revolutionises Africa, businesses have adapted by growing from a single stream on premise voice communication service to a multi-disciplined approach using the flexibility of your smart phone.

We partner with you

Netway will partner with you in this process through our offer of transformation services that allows you to create the customised digital solution that is so important in improving productivity and growing your business. We can help transform your communications by connecting your desktop computer or laptop,  to your phone or smart device, with access to your business right at your fingertips, anywhere, anytime!

Functionality & Experience

Netway is a multi-disciplined service provider, offering clients communication services from a common digital hosted platform.

This is achieved by integrating high-end technology and infrastructure with our multi-skilled workforce and complementary stakeholder partnerships, ensuring that we provide our clients with a service that combines functionality and an excellent customer experience

One platform for everything

Think about one platform managing all interactions with your clients from quotes through to delivery and service thereafter, all managed from your smart phone, available anywhere and to all staff.

Simply put, Netway serves your digital technology – we provide our clients with start-to-end communications solutions, connecting each of the elements necessary to build a complete digital platform that meets your exact requirements.

Netway are your Communications Specialists

Netway commits to this through its knowledgeable, enthusiastic communications specialists who are dedicated to customer relationship management and personalised service. These skills and smart partnerships allow Netway to provide customised solutions embracing the latest proven trends within the digital sector.

Upgrade the way you do business

Upgrade the way you do business for a better tomorrow, contact Netway today to see how we can tailor our communications, data and connectivity solutions to meet your needs with our hosted services product.

What are Hosted Services?

Simply put, hosted services are provided via the internet by configuring one, high powered computer server hosted at a data centre to provide its resources to our customer base. Netway connects our clients’ on-premises computer and mobile devices to our managed servers, so that you can access your data, and our value-added services at a moment’s notice.

Our hosted services are located locally in the Bofinet Data Centre and allows us to both own and oversee infrastructure and software, thus eliminating the stress and additional cost of hosting these requirements at your offices.  Not only does this eliminate significant capital cost but also allows customers to operate on a per seat basis so it is scale able. You need more seats this month for a marketing campaign, we will provide them for you and then you can scale back when they are no longer required. This eliminates unnecessary lock down to costs that you only use occasionally. More importantly, this will also allow you to comply with the Data Protection Act which is under review and focuses on local storage and backup of data.

The Netway Solution

Let Netway assist you in creating access to your information, on any device, anywhere and at any time!

Our solution is simple, we can assist you to connect your email account, cloud services and communications from your desktop to your mobile phone or smart device at any location while ensuring all data is linked, active and always secure.

Transform your communications and your services, on the go without losing data or time. With the Netway Hosted Services service, we can connect your email, Office 365 Suite, storage, backup and more, both securely and fast.  Dependent on your requirements, Netway offers a wide array of hosted services that can be tailored to meet your communications and connectivity needs.

Whether you need an online storage facility that means your important documents can be accessed from anywhere, uninterrupted internet access, or even an email service that means your team can be constantly available, Netway’s Hosted Services can provide the connectivity solution that your business needs.

Contact Netway to learn more about our hosted services offering, and how it can bring your business to the forefront of the digital landscape today.

For more information on our products and/or services, contact us here!