Our Services

At Netway we provide infinite services and custom solutions based on your needs. Our core services include:

Packaging customised services which are offered from a cloud platform on a pay as you go basis

Delivering a comprehensive enterprise unified communication platform with extended value add services

Value-added services:

  • Converged/Unified Communications
  • Voice/VoIP Networks
  • Video – Desk to Desk
  • Video – Boardrooms and Meeting rooms
  • Data Links to support Data and VoIP Networks
  • Mobility – Access to the Enterprise Network Services from anywhere, if there is Internet.
  • Collaboration – Shared Documents
  • Contact Center Services
  • One Number – Use of IVR to route Customer requests from a central point to relevant service desk(s) or Office Branches.
  • Multiple methods of contact
  • Voice, Email, SMS, Social Media (Facebook, Instant Messaging or Chat, Instagram, Twitter etc)
  • Mobile Applications
  • Self Service/DIY Services
  • Mobile Apps
  • Online Payments
  • Update Customer Information
  • Integration with the core business application (API(s)).
  • Other Digital Services -Smart Devices for Monitoring and Data Collection (IOT)

Added benefit services:

  • ortunity: – Pay as you go Services – The need to offer solutions on a rental service VS once off purchases
  • Assisting customers to readily access services on a rental basis.
  • Service Assurance and Backup Services
  • 24/7 Technical and Contact Center support
  • 24/7 and 99.99% availability.
  • Monitoring and management Services – We deploy Internet of Things for managing services, Logistics and tracking of assets.
  • Partnerships and Collaboration
  • Digitisation is influencing the need to collaborate with external stakeholders, for expertise or services required to enhance the digital platform’s product offering.
  • The stakeholders traverse business disciplines. They could be Banks, Data Centre, Application Developers, Device Manufactures etc.
  • Digital Transformation is an enabler for new opportunities that impact businesses and the economy positively. We see the development of new Eco-Systems where collaboration for complimentary services are creating new partnerships. These partnerships are producing a wide spectrum of benefits including new revenue streams and opportunities for skills development, and skills transfer and new jobs.

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