Our Solution

Netway – Multi-disciplined service provider

We have learned through our years of combined experiences that many service providers are offering standalone services. At Netway, we offer clients, both onsite and offsite, communication services that are merged into digital platforms to offer and distribute consolidated services from a common platform.

Today, digital transformation is influencing a shift from a single stream-based communications service provider to a multi-disciplined service provider. Netway is now offering a varied mix of consolidated services and thereby creating customised multi-disciplined solutions.

Netway aims to offer clients a service that combines functionality and a greater customer experience. As our services expand, we will be able to offer services at the click of a key. We integrate high end technology, with a multi-skilled workforce and complementary stakeholder partnerships.

SME Businesses

At Netway, we offer our SME customers the same functionality from the latest communication and technology service offering that we offer our mainstream customers. Our digital services accessible to our SME customers are based on affordable and customised subscription packages.

Thanks to enterprise licensing, we are able to offer SME’s business specific platforms using platforms such as Microsoft O365. Furthermore, we are able to offer Cloud based PABX solutions with PSTN functionality.

Bridging the Gap

Because Netway has partnered with other ICT industry associates, we are able to offer the best solutions to improving all technology, ICT and communications needs.

Not only do we embrace any challenge, we have skilled, pragmatic and driven people working with us, to offer our clients tailor made solutions.

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